Can I Choose Any Colour to Refinish My Rims?

Do your damaged car rims need some extra care and a fresh coat of paint? 

Or, are you ready for a whole new look that showcases your cars’ unique personality?

You’ve come to the right place! 

At Leprecon, we specialize in rim refinishing and have a wide variety of trendy paint to choose from. Have a unique colour in mind? Ask us, we can order it for you. 

Whatever the reason may be for a fresh colour change, our dedicated wheel specialists will help bring your unique rim refinishing vision to life.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

Standard Rim Colour Change

When it comes to rim colour variations, the sky’s the limit.

Typically, a standard colour change is when we repaint the entire wheel with one solid colour. This service is often used by customers who wish to change the look of their whole set of rims or repair damage and repaint a single wheel.

At Leprecon Rim Repair Centre, we have a wide variety of stylish paint to choose from, or we can order a specific colour to match your vehicle. 
We know how important your car is – which is why we’ll work hard to find the perfect shade for you.

Before and After: Standard Rim Colour Change

Custom Rim Colour Effects

We find that many car-lovers are also searching for customized rim colour effects and personalized wheel designs. Luckily, that’s our specialty.

From special colour combinations to sophisticated monochromatic styles, we can help give a personal touch to your one-of-a-kind car.

Some of the custom rim colour effects we regularly offer include:

  • Pinstripes
  • Gradients
  • Accent Colours
  • Custom designs

If you want your vehicle to showcase your individuality, then you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced wheel technicians will work closely with you to turn your imaginative ideas into a reality.

After: 2-Colour Rim Change

Common Wheel Shine Options

For those wanting to customize their rims even further, we offer a number of attractive coatings and shine finishes you can choose from.

  • Super Matte: A flat, low-shine, rough finish.
  • Satin: In between Matte & Gloss (medium shine).
  • Gloss: A shiny, high-gloss finish.

The best part is – after you pick your colour, you can choose between the different finishes to get the exact level of shine you prefer to complement the look of your dream car.

Before and After: Gloss Black Rims

Our Rim Painting Process

For all of our wheel colour changes, we utilize a dry paint and heat method known as powder coating. This technique is used for a high-quality coat finish that is highly resistant to corrosion, heat, chipping and scratches.

The surface is sprayed with an electrostatic gun with finely ground colour pigment and resin particles. After that, the wheel is baked in a curing oven to give a sleek and durable finish.

As a rule of thumb, we always provide a clear protective coating. However, if you want to extend the life of your paint job, we can apply a ceramic coat at an extra cost that will keep your wheels polished and protected for years on end.

At Leprecon Rim Repair Centre, we’ll closely inspect your wheels and help you find a solution that is both safe and reliable. If the damage is repairable, our expert welders will work with a level of accuracy that will restore your rims to an almost-new condition.

Will the Colour of a Refinished Rim Match
the Other Rims in My Set?

This is one of the questions we get asked the most – the answer is yes!
Leprecon’s skilled wheel technicians work carefully to ensure most colours closely match the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) rim up to 99%. However, some unique colours or previous jobs may reach up to 95%. In this case, we suggest getting all four rims refinished or at least both rims on the same side of the car.

Leave Your Rims With the Professionals

Whether you have some unattractive paint scratches or just want a fresh coat of paint, our team at Leprecon is here to help. So feel confident knowing that it’s our mission to refinish your rims in a colour you love.
If you’re looking for alloy colour refinishing professionals in the Greater Toronto region, visit us in Concord, Ontario, for skilled paintwork and prompt service.

Customer Reviews

Discover how Leprecon maintains a top-rated service record since day one.

Had both my Original (2-tone/Diamond-Cut edge) and Replica (matte-black) set of BMW 435i rims dropped off with Max for refinishing (curb rash). Got the rims back within a reasonable timeframe as promised and they made a perfect colour match with the original/other rims. Max was GREAT, actually he is simply the best! I tried to give him some more business asking to change the colour of my rims but he gave me some honest money saving advice instead. If you are looking for a HONEST rim repair shop that also does an EXCELLENT job, look no further…. LEPRECON any day!!!!

Chris W

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We provide free of charge rental car when a set of 4 rims restored at our facility.


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We will pick up your rim/s directly from your home,office or any other scheduled location for a flat fee of $40 in GTA area. We will provide a professional repair with our state of art equipment at our facility.

At the earliest delivery day we will drop off your rim/s to the scheduled location. Note that delivery days are Monday and Thursday. Book your pick up 24hr in advance.


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If due to the technician, and while the vehicle is operated under normal driving conditions, the paint and/or clear coat peels or flakes, or other defects in the surface occur that are determined to be the result of the technician, LEPRECON will repair that wheel at no extra charge include the tire installation and balancing.