Oshawa Rim Repair Services

Contact Leprecon Rim Repair Centre for masterful rim repair and wheel restoration services in Oshawa, Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area. With decades of experience, your rims are safe in our hands.

Our Services

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Wheel Refinishing

Count on Leprecon for your wheel refurbishing and rim repair needs in Oshawa or the Greater Toronto Area. Rest assured, your damaged rims will be repaired as fast as possible utilizing the most up-to-date technology and processes.

For rims with visible wear, such as the following, we propose our Rim Repair and Wheel Refinishing services:

  • Curb Rash
  • Chipped Paint
  • Dirt Buildup

Give us a call or fill out the Instant Quote form If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment, please give us a call or fill out the Instant Quote form below.

Hyper Silver Rims

The Leprecon Rim Repair Centre technicians can help you restore your prized rims to their former splendour. So please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Hyper Silver Rim Service in Oshawa, Ontario, or the surrounding locations.

The following are some of the benefits of Hyper Silver Coating for your rims:

  • They’ll radiate a deep, inner glow
  • You’ll attract attention without the flash of chrome
  • It will elevate the appearance of your car

If you want to give your wheels an attractive new design, contact Leprecon. Then, just fill out the Instant Quote form below if you’d like a price estimate or to make an appointment.

Diamond Cut Rim Restoration

Are you ready to give those scuffed-up wheels some attention? If so, Leprecon’s Diamond Cut Rim Restoration Service in Oshawa, Ontario, is well-known for speed, quality, and efficiency.

Your diamond-cut rims can quickly be restored to their original state courtesy of our experienced wheel refurbishment processes.

The following problems may be alleviated by repairing a diamond-cut rim:

  • Scuffs
  • Curb Damage
  • Paint Chips

Are you curious about our Diamond Cut Rim Restoration service? Then, fill out the form on this page to get a free, no-obligation quotation right away!

Wheel and Rim Straightening Service

Leprecon is the only company you need to know for expert rim and wheel straightening in Oshawa, Ontario. Before beginning any treatment, we will conduct a thorough inspection to verify that your wheels will be returned to the exact factory specs.

Please bring your vehicle in for an inspection if you see any of the following problems:

  • Vibrations when driving
  • Controlling your car is difficult
  • Tire pressure deterioration

It is critical to prioritize straightening bent or warped wheels for your own safety. So please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment or get an immediate cost estimate.

Crack Welding Services

Do you need reliable rim crack welding in Oshawa, Ontario? Then you won’t have to search any further than Leprecon. Customers can depend on our expert team to complete the job swiftly and effectively.

Why should you weld your cracked rims? Driving on a fractured rim may result in the following issues:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Suspension damage
  • Declining fuel efficiency

A close eye for detail is required to prevent severe rim fractures. As a result, any rim damage, such as cracks or other degradation indicators, should be repaired by a specialist as soon as possible. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment, please fill out the form below.

Tire Fitting Service

According to vehicle experts, tires should be changed every six years. The truth is, if your car is skidding or lacks traction, it’s most likely due to old tires. So if you need professional tire-fitting services in Oshawa, Ontario, contact Leprecon right immediately.

We use cutting-edge technology to keep your rims in pristine condition throughout the entire process. Lastly, a Road Force Machine will determine if your car is properly balanced and ready for the road.

Is it time to get new tires? Please notify us if you observe any of the following:

  • A shallow tread depth
  • Vibration of the steering wheel
  • Problems with acceleration and braking

We provide tires for almost any vehicle and price at Leprecon Rim Repair Centre. So please fill out the form below or call 416-720-4816 to make a tire fitting appointment.

Why Leprecon


World-Class Equipment

Your rims are in good hands. Leprecon utilizes state of the art rim repair and tire installation equipment.


Top Rated Service

Hundreds of happy customers in GTA, give Leprecon top ratings and reviews on Google and Facebook.


Trusted by Leaders

Large dealerships have been working with Leprecon for many years to get expert rim repair services.


Free Loaner Car

Get rental car free of charge when you bring a set of 4 rims to be restored at our facility. More details

We provide free of charge rental car when a set of 4 rims restored at our facility.


Pickup / Dropoff

Your rims can be picked-up from anywhere in GTA, and dropped-off after services is complete. Full details

We will pick up your rim/s directly from your home,office or any other scheduled location for a flat fee of $40 in GTA area. We will provide a professional repair with our state of art equipment at our facility.

At the earliest delivery day we will drop off your rim/s to the scheduled location. Note that delivery days are Monday and Thursday. Book your pick up 24hr in advance.


1 Year Warranty

We stand by our quality. If any defects occur, repair will be provided at no extra charge. Warranty details

If due to the technician, and while the vehicle is operated under normal driving conditions, the paint and/or clear coat peels or flakes, or other defects in the surface occur that are determined to be the result of the technician, LEPRECON will repair that wheel at no extra charge include the tire installation and balancing.

Please be aware that our warranty does not extend to rims damaged by road hazards, curb impacts, or chips resulting from incorrect delivery handling. We prioritize the quality and durability of our products, but unfortunately, we cannot cover damages caused by external factors beyond our control.


Customer Reviews

Discover how Leprecon maintains a top-rated service record since day one.

Amazing service! My wheels came out looking just like factory and for such a affordable price!

Saad Prottoy

My first time here, had to get my rims repaired. Very professional and courteous service. The place was tidy and welcoming. You need an aluminum rim repaired or customer, this may be the place to come.

Brian Gonsalves

Very good service, reasonable price, way quicker than any other places I had contacted and most importantly the quality of work is phenomenal. My rims look good as new.

Abdul A

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  • Assured
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  • Maserati
  • Engineered Automotive
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