Caliper Covers

Leprecon custom caliper covers give your wheels the perfect finishing touch. Plus, they resist dust and assist in heat dissipation. Only $99 per cover!

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Benefits of Caliper Covers

Some may shy away from caliper covers because they believe they interfere with their car’s natural abilities. However, caliper covers can benefit your car as they:

  • Help keep brakes clean: Caliper covers redirect the dust that comes off of your brake pads toward the rear of the vehicle, meaning less dust flies onto the outside surface of your wheels. This will keep your wheels cleaner over time.
  • Reduce heat: A common misconception is that adding caliper covers will increase the friction and the heat produced. However, caliper covers can actually dissipate the heat from your brakes and improve the overall performance of the brakes. Since many are made from aluminum, it is an excellent way to reduce the overall heat buildup.
  • Add finishing touch to your car: High quality caliper covers make your car look great.

Get Your Custom Caliper Covers

With over 50,000 happy customers, LEPRECON is the #1 choice for custom caliper covers in the Greater Toronto Area. Get in touch now to find out how we can make your wheels look better than new!

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Benefits of Caliper Covers

Leprecon custom brake caliper covers give your wheels a fresh look, helping you to cover an area that gets worn over time. With custom caliper covers you can customize the look of your tires without paying the costs of new wheels.

Leprecon caliper covers are custom-matched to fit any vehicle paint. All  Leprecon brake caliper covers available today are customizable, which means you can choose to have them in various colors or engraved. We can also feature the brand of your vehicle, ensuring they are a fit.

Why choose Leprecon Caliper Covers?

There are a lot of brake caliper covers on the market which are made from cheap materials and plastics. Leprecon caliper covers are made from high-quality, durable materials – designed to boost the appearance of your vehicle for a long time. We use only high-end aluminum and stainless steel materials, carefully built to fit specific caliper sizes and brands.