How does it work?

Small cracks on the edge of a rim can usually be welded successfully. Once the welding is complete we can then repair and paint over the weld.

Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of welding and straightening, all work is carried out at the owner’s own risk. We will advise you if your wheel is damaged beyond safe and legal repair. Whilst every care is taken during the straightening process, a crack can sometimes occur. If this happens, an additional charge will be made for a weld repair. We will, however, keep you informed should this happen.

How much does it cost?

Type of Repair Price
Straightening Repair Average $130
Crack Welding Repair Average $110
Straightening or Crack while Refinishing Starting at $70
Spot Welding Repair $40

Please note: An additional $15 per rim workshop fee applies where wheels and tires are removed from your vehicle by our technician on site. All prices in Canadian Dollars.