What is hyper silver?

Paint your rims to highlight the beauty of your vehicle 

Hyper Silver is a sophisticated painting technique that layers a semitransparent metallic exterior paint over a coloured undercoat. When done professionally, the effect is a smoky inner glow that is more subtle than the brightness of chrome. In addition, our team uses an intricate painting procedure to give your wheels depth and a look of understated elegance, as seen on higher-end automobiles.

How does it work?

The collective experience of our team at Leprecon guarantees that your rims will receive the finest technical skill and unsurpassed quality. To get remarkable results, our team follows the steps below:

  1. Apply a primer coat to the wheel to ensure the following layers of paint dry quickly and evenly.
  2. Paint the first layer with the required colour for a complete coverage undercoat to achieve a smoky end result.
  3. Coat with a translucent exterior paint to give your wheels that sophisticated glossy and metallic finishing.
  4. Seal with a clear coat to lock in the final colour and provide your wheels with added depth and extra protection.

How much does it cost?

Prices might vary depending on wheel size, services required, and overall condition. For your convenience, we have included a cost estimation feature so you can understand our prices before even scheduling an appointment. Fill out the Instant Quote Form below to get a price tailored to your unique needs.

Please note: There is an additional $15 per rim workshop cost if our mechanics remove the rims and tires from your automobile on the spot. All of our pricing is in Canadian dollars.