Cookstown Rim Repair Services

Get in touch with Leprecon Rim Repair Centre for professional Wheel Restoration and Rim Repair in Cookstown, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Our expert technicians offer a prompt, trustworthy, and affordable service.

Our Services

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Wheel Refinishing

Stand out from the crowd and transform your rims with expert Wheel Refinishing and Rim Repair in Cookstown and the GTA. The skilled technicians at Leprecon utilize creative methods and cutting-edge equipment to get your wheels looking as good as new.

Our Wheel Refinishing and Rim Repair service is recommended for rims with clear damage, such as the examples below:

  • Scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Curb Damage

If you have any questions regarding our pricing or would like to set up an appointment, please use the Instant Quote form below.

Hyper Silver Rims

Highlight your vehicle’s rims with a sophisticated and trendy finish. Get in touch with Leprecon Rim Repair Centre for a professional Hyper Silver Rim Service and Rim Repair in Cookstown, Ontario.

Rims in Hyper Silver are becoming increasingly popular– and Leprecon’s professional painting methods offer the highest degree of quality and technical skill.

As a result of the Hyper Silver Coating, your wheels will:

  • Give off a deep, warm glow
  • Attract attention without the sparkle of chrome
  • Complement the elegant design of your vehicle

Get in touch with the experts at Leprecon if you’re ready to transform your rims. Just fill out our Instant Quote form for a price estimate and to arrange a servicing appointment.

Diamond Cut Rim Restoration

Are you in need of expert repair and maintenance for your prized diamond-cut rims? Leprecon’s Diamond Cut Rim Restoration Service in Cookstown, Ontario, is swift and professional, so your wheels will be looking flawless in no time.

Diamond cutting is a meticulous process for creating two-tone rims with a polished metallic surface and a painted inside. With Leprecon’s sophisticated wheel refurbishing procedures, your diamond-cut rims will be returned to their original state and appear as good as new.

We recommend this service for diamond-cut wheels that have any of the following problems:

  • Corrosion
  • Curb Rash
  • Paint Cracks

For more information or to schedule a rim restoration appointment, please use the Instant Quote calculator below or contact 416-720-4816.

Wheel and Rim Straightening Service

Don’t wait another day to fix your bent rims. For expert Wheel Straightening and Rim Repair in Cookstown and the GTA, reach out to the professional team at Leprecon Rim Repair Centre.

Our process is comprehensive, and we will thoroughly check your rims before restoring them to the original manufacturer’s requirements.

Bring your car to Leprecon for wheel and rim straightening if you detect any of the following issues:

  • Your steering wheel shakes or vibrates
  • It’s difficult to stay in control of your vehicle
  • The air pressure in your tires is dropping

A bent rim is a serious safety issue that requires prompt attention. To receive a pricing estimate and schedule an appointment, please fill out our Instant Quote Form or call 416-720-4816.

Crack Welding Services

Don’t jeopardize yourself and your passengers’ safety by driving with a fractured rim. Call Leprecon’s rim repair experts if you need swift and reliable Rim Crack Welding Services in Cookstown and the GTA.

Our vehicle technicians have years of experience and can provide careful and dependable rim repairs. 

Driving on a fractured rim can cause a variety of issues, including:

  • Uneven tire tread
  • Damage to your vehicle’s suspension
  • Gas mileage that is steadily dropping

Rim fractures can be challenging to spot; however, driving with this sort of damage can easily lead to an accident. It’s essential to make sure an expert analyzes your rims if they show any symptoms of cracking or other warning indicators. If you’d like a price estimate or to schedule an appointment, please use the Instant Quote form below.

Tire Fitting Service

How many times have you had the sensation that you were about to skid off the road? Tire deterioration may be to blame. When it comes to Tire Fitting in Cookstown and the Greater Toronto Area, no one does it better than the professionals at Leprecon.

Our specialists will start by removing your tires using a specialized leverless tool that never makes contact with the surface of the rim. This way, you’ll be able to relax, knowing that your rims will remain protected throughout the process. After that, a Road Force machine is utilized to make sure your car is correctly balanced and ready to safely get back on the road.

It’s time to purchase new tires if you’re experiencing any of the following problems while driving:

  • The tread depth is low
  • The steering wheel is shaky and rattles
  • Accelerating and braking are challenging

If a car’s tires are damaged or worn, they constitute a considerable risk to the driver and passengers. We offer a wide selection of tires at Leprecon Rim Repair Centre to suit both your automobile and budget. To set up an appointment for a tire fitting, please use the Instant Quote form below or call 416-720-4816.

Why Leprecon


World-Class Equipment

Your rims are in good hands. Leprecon utilizes state of the art rim repair and tire installation equipment.


Top Rated Service

Hundreds of happy customers in GTA, give Leprecon top ratings and reviews on Google and Facebook.


Trusted by Leaders

Large dealerships have been working with Leprecon for many years to get expert rim repair services.


Free Loaner Car

Get rental car free of charge when you bring a set of 4 rims to be restored at our facility. More details

We provide free of charge rental car when a set of 4 rims restored at our facility.


Pickup / Dropoff

Your rims can be picked-up from anywhere in GTA, and dropped-off after services is complete. Full details

We will pick up your rim/s directly from your home,office or any other scheduled location for a flat fee of $40 in GTA area. We will provide a professional repair with our state of art equipment at our facility.

At the earliest delivery day we will drop off your rim/s to the scheduled location. Note that delivery days are Monday and Thursday. Book your pick up 24hr in advance.


1 Year Warranty

We stand by our quality. If any defects occur, repair will be provided at no extra charge. Warranty details

If due to the technician, and while the vehicle is operated under normal driving conditions, the paint and/or clear coat peels or flakes, or other defects in the surface occur that are determined to be the result of the technician, LEPRECON will repair that wheel at no extra charge include the tire installation and balancing.

Please be aware that our warranty does not extend to rims damaged by road hazards, curb impacts, or chips resulting from incorrect delivery handling. We prioritize the quality and durability of our products, but unfortunately, we cannot cover damages caused by external factors beyond our control.


Customer Reviews

Discover how Leprecon maintains a top-rated service record since day one.

These guys do EXCELLENT work. So good In fact, I’ll still give a 5 start review even with the little mishap with picking up my car after hours. I thought the colour of my dark grey sti rims (sort of a matte finish) would be kind of hard to match. I gotta tell ya they said it’ll be a 95% match.. it’s more like a 105% match. Amazing work! A little bit pricey but totally worth it. If I ever curb my car again like an idiot I’ll be back!


I had a very pleasant experience at Leprecon. Their work was recommended to me by a friend, and I would also recommend their work! Very professional yet personal. All information was explained to me, very reasonable pricing and timely work! I was a first time customer, and will be returning! Thank you Max and everyone else at Leprecon.

Lucas H

Great place to visit for rim repairs trust me have been to other places like e.g “wheel for less” they are garbage compare to this place. Leprechaun is a little expensive but trust me you get real value for your money I have tasted best of both worlds.

Paul Osasuyi

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