Custom Rims

Leprecon’s Custom Rims are designed, manufactured and fitted specially for you. The ultimate way to customize your vehicle for that perfect look.

  • Top-Rated
  • Custom-Made
  • Warranty

Custom Rim Making Process


We begin by looking at your vehicle and learning about your rim requirements

3D Model

Now our 3D Modeling experts translate your requirements into a CAD file


We then take the project to our workshop to create blanks as per the rim size

Cut & Shape

The blanks are further sent on our CNC machine for cutting and shaping your unique design

After Cut

Next the raw version of the rim will be sent for customization, after cut and finishing.

Final Product

Your custom made rims are ready! We will install them onto your car and you can enjoy them!

Get Your Custom Rims

With over 50,000 happy customers, LEPRECON is the #1 choice for custom rims in the Greater Toronto Area. Get in touch now to find out how we can make your wheels look better than new!