LEPRECON warranty the wheels’ refinishing against painting defects such as peeling, bubbles, or flakes for one (1) year. We do not accept claims on wheels installed by third parties regarding damage due to installation. Also, tiny particles of dust that were not visible at more than one (1) meter of distance are considered acceptable, and it is not covered under warranty.

In addition, the client should disclaim any previous ceramic coating applications on the wheels before LEPRECON proceeds with the refinishing, as these wheels require special treatment. If the client fails to inform the last ceramic coating applications, the warranty is voided.

LEPRECON only recommends cleaning and shining products from the SONAX brand because we tested and they prove to be safe to use on refinished rims. Other products, especially tire shinning products, could damage the clear coat, which could void the warranty.

Crack welding and bend straightening claims will be analyzed individually, and they should be claimed up to five (5) businesses days from the service completion. After this period, the warranty is in general voided since those services are inspected before their delivery. Once the wheel (s) is (are) installed in the car, a new bent can occur due to bad road conditions or improper driving. LEPRECON can provide an automated inspection report to the clients upon request, and it is subject to a fee. 

Service Acknowledgement

LEPRECON Rim Repair Centre is committed to high standards on services provided. We can bring a wheel/rim to approximately 95% of the Original Equipment (OE) state regarding finishings and colour matching. However, due to the nature of the refurbishing services, clients should be aware that results can have minor variances from the OE influenced by some factors such as:

  • Alloy composition and age
  • Previous chemical applications (cleaning products, ceramic coating, etc.) 
  • Road hazards (salt, brake dust, etc.)

Previous ceramic coating applications should be disclaimed before the services start, and an extra fee could be applied. Some tire shine products such as Black Magic Tire Wet, could damage the paint coating, and it is not going to be covered under warranty.

In addition, even though we take all precautions to keep an appropriate and clean environment during the painting process, tiny particles of dust might be found on the end product when checked at a distance of less than one (1) meter.